Model Analysis ToolKit (MATK) - Python toolkit for model analysis

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MATK facilitates model analysis within the Python computational environment. MATK expects a model defined as a Python function that accepts a dictionary of parameter values as the first argument and returns model results as a dictionary, array, integer, or float. Many model analyses are provided by MATK. These model analyses can be easily modified and/or extended within the Python scripting languange. New model analyses can easily be hooked up to a MATK model as well.


Send questions to dharp (at) lanl (dot) gov.

Other useful python modules:

PYEMU: Jeremy White’s linear-based computer model uncertainty analysis python module; used in Linear Analysis of Calibration Using PYEMU example.


Dylan Harp, Los Alamos National Laboratory (Primary Developer)

Veronika Vasylkivska, National Energy Technology Laboratory

Mark Porter, Bureau of Reclamation

Bailian Chen, Los Alamos National Laboratory

David Dempsey, The University of Auckland

Seth King, National Energy Technology Laboratory

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